The journey of horsemanship and training can have many gratifying achievements and humbling challenges.  Support, guidance and the opportunity to continue learning and improving are all benefits of the Phil Haugen Horsemanship program. Whether you are a returning customer/student or if you are considering the investment of a clinic, training experience or private lesson please take advantage of these tips and reminders.

For information on a private clinic or lesson please contact us for more information.  For a complete listing of upcoming clinics and group sessions please click here.



Yielding the Hindquarters


The importance of lateral flexion everyday

Vertical flexion is essential for collection, balance, and acceleration

How I use the flexion rig, made by Martin Saddlery, to aid in lateral flexion       BUY NOW


Creating Softness in Your Horse

January 19th, 2016

  “Softness” is something any knowledgeable horse owner wants to have in their equine partner.  The key to creating softness in your horse begins with your horse understanding the “signal” that y...

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Getting Better

August 16th, 2015

I was recently in Stephenville, TX doing a private clinic with a wonderful family that has been very successful in the training and breeding business. We were starting colts in the morning and working...

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Keep Your Cool

June 22nd, 2015

Keeping Your Cool Keep the "Thinking" Side of Your Horse's Brain Engaged Anybody who has competed, trained, or just ridden occasionally for enjoyment will be able to relate to this topic.  Any time yo...

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