Phil Haugen starts with a simple, common sense approach of training horses to understand people and teaching people to understand horses.

For more than 30 years Phil has been involved in caring for, riding and training horses. This experience has led him into developing this trademark program. He provides the training and discipline to get both horse and rider ready for top competition or simply a safe and rewarding riding experience. Phil's proven techniques have contributed to the loyalty and success of a growing list of clients that appreciate his care, handling and training of their horses, as well as, his patience and understanding with them as students.


"I purchased a two-year-old filly from Phil's sale last fall. She is an exceptional mare and the amount of time and work he put into her is evident in how far along she is. I rode several of his sale horses and they all worked very similar and were well broke, which is a testament to Phil's training technique and ability. I've had the opportunity to work with Phil since purchasing my filly and he's really helped me fine tune my riding. I've taken her to several barrel races to exhibition her and she's handled it with the maturity of a much older horse. I am very happy with this filly and would definitely encourage anyone looking for a horse to purchase to attend Phil's annual fall sale."
~Jackie Entz

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“Phil Haugen has been starting barrel racing prospects for me for several years. I have found transition to training in the arena to go very smooth after Phil’s solid foundation.  Some horses of note that Phil started are Famous Falcon, competed on by Angie Meadors and Kassie Mowry, also French Folly who was  high seller at 2013 BFA sale and placed  in 2014 BFA slot race.  Famous Twist, 2nd high seller at the 2014 BFA sale at $50,000 was also started by Phil. I highly recommend Phil”s professional services.”            ~Lana Merrick-Bailey

“Phil Haugen’s Horsemanship program has been vital to the success of our program. From our finished roping horses to starting fresh colts, Phil doesn’t just put rides on them. He teaches them to think. When you get them back they are ready and willing to learn and take you to the top of the game. That’s why we believe in his program. He builds a base that lasts a lifetime.”   ~Dusta Lee Kimzey, Kimzey Ranch


“My wife Julie and I attended one of Phil’s Horsemanship Clinics in Medora, ND in July 2014. First and foremost, WOW! what an amazing experience in such a short amount of time. This clinic left us wanting more. We came away better horseman AND even better, our horses came away more complete, collected and residual per his training applications. The techniques applied and taught by Phil were easy to understand and communicated by him in such an easy, flowing manner, that both horse and rider were able to complete without frustration or breakdown, and it was HOT, which only solidifies Phil’s ability as a trainer and instructor. Phil is down to earth, easy to talk to, communicates effectively, is hands on, genuine to the salt of the earth and always was available by phone if we ever had questions after the clinic. We were so impressed and inspired, we asked if we could sponsor a Clinic at our arena and he has gladly accepted for Summer 2015. Life is short, Phil is one of those rare Horseman you should meet in this lifetime.”  ~Patrick J. Smith



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“I have been riding behind Phil Haugen since 2004. Phil has a great understanding of a horse, especially a young one. I attribute a lot of my success, with several of my horses, to Phil. Runnin Red Lites, Fantasia Fame, Chargen Ta Fame, VF Blazin Lites, and Famous China Doll are just a few of the horses that I have had success on, that have been through Phil’s program. He makes sure the horses get the foundation they need and are ready, shortly after I get them from him, to start on the barrel pattern. I know the horses will come to me knowing the skills that are key to starting, running, and making a lasting, winning barrel horse!”  ~Angie Meadors - 7 Time NFR Qualifier