2020 Clinic Registration Now Open!

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The Phil Haugen Horsemanship Clinic will cover the Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3, exercises that are the foundation of Phil’s training program that has produced over $1,000,000 in winnings by the rope horses and barrel horses that have been through this program in the last decade!
Phil also wants to welcome those students who have a “problem horse”. Everyone deals with negative issues from time to time, and Phil is ready to teach you how to communicate effectively with your horse. You can expect to learn the proper techniques to help get optimum performance from horse and rider.

WHY A CLINIC – Return on Investment

“In today’s world, one of the big questions we always ask ourselves when it comes to spending money is what is our return going to be on this investment? In the real estate business, if you can show a 5-10% return on investment to a potential buyer you are doing pretty good. CD’s at most banks are offering less than a 2% return on investment. Now, let’s look at an investment in ourselves. My ultimate goal when I have a horse in training is to improve that horse 100%. We try to get 1% improvement every day, in 100 days that’s a 100% improvement. I will back that up by saying every horse on our place, even the ones I have had in training for a year or two, still could have a 100% improvement from where they are to where they could be in the next 100 days. I have always felt that when I improve a horse 100% I double that horse’s value. Horses are a management project, they aren’t robots, if you aren’t trying to get better and improve on your fundamentals, you start to go backwards.
So now you’re saying, OK, where’s this going? Well, I want you to think about the investment you make when you attend a Horsemanship Clinic. I put the majority of the emphasis of the clinic on teaching the students the Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 exercises of my training program. This works great because some of the students are more novice and some are more advanced and so all can work through the 3 levels at their own speed. Level 1 leads to level 2 and level 2 leads to level 3 exercises. After mastering these exercises you can use this fundamental base to apply to whatever discipline you want to enjoy. I use this same system to start my rope horses and my barrel futurity and open horses.
They are very thorough as far as fundamentals and application of those fundamentals are concerned. The biggest benefit is that you will have those fundamentals for the rest of your life. If you plan on having horses for yourself, your children, grandchildren, etc. What would the return on this investment of $450.00 be? I would be disappointed if it wasn’t about 1,000%. In fact, if 60 days after attending one of my clinics you don’t feel like you got at least a 100% return on your investment, you can just email me and I’ll return your tuition. That’s how confident I am that it will change your horse training experience dramatically and reduce a ton of frustration for you and your horse. The best investment’s you’ll make in your life are the investment’s you make in yourself. Because after you make an investment in yourself you are the one that controls how much that investment will return to you.” ~Phil Haugen